Every time I attend the birth of a newborn I learn something new. About myself, about life, about others. It is an amazing and magical experience. A dance of many forces colliding together to create safe passage for the little human.

There are so many factors. The little soul, the parents, the birthing facility, the birthing team and of course the great unknown that lies behind it all. The process unfolds differently each time a new family is born.

I’m the mother of 5. 4 of my own and a “bonus son” that has been part of my life since he was 2. 4 boys and 1 girl total. I have 3 grandchildren that bring me incredible joy. I was blessed to be there when my granddaughter born at home.

I find myself  in love with this process. It seems to be what I have trained my whole life to do.

I have spent many years working with women through all states of transitions. Teens into adults, women into mothers and through the many phases of their lives and even humbly during their final transition. It has been my life’s passion to assist in the shaping of womens lives. I find each woman is unique to her own process and that seems especially true during pregnancy, labor and birth.

I enjoy the dance. The magical, wondrous dance of new life. I walk away each time with an awe for the experience that I keep thinking can’t be topped…and then another baby is born.

I am a Yoga teacher, Massage therapist and Body worker,  Reiki Master/ Teacher, teaching the Mind/Body connection and relaxation for nearly 15 years now. My work with women often took me into their birthing rooms as a support person and I found a calling. I am now a Labor Doula with “Labor of Love” an amazing company that has been around for 18 years. Please check them out,  these truly outstanding women and their full range of services offered: from childbirth education, lactation support and postpartum assistance there is a plethora of birth and childhood wisdom available.

I teach INTENSIVE BIRTH CIRCLES for women, utilizing  DANCING FOR BIRTH (TM)  and the FEAR TO FREEDOM Empowerment Technique.(TM)   Please check here to find out when classes and workshops scheduled.

I also offer a full range of individual classes and private sessions for both prenatal and postpartum care.

  • Massage and Bodywork
  • Prenatal Yoga / Postpartum Recovery
  • Get the most out of your Birth Ball
  • Dancing for Birth™  / Birth movement / Aligning your Baby for birth.
  • FEAR to FREEDOM™ / The Voice of Birth

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