“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
This has always been a favorite quote of mine. It reminds me of what we are capable of.  It reminds me that what we focus on we create.  Our thoughts and our beliefs guide our experiences.

Birth is a journey that begins long before the actual manifestation of a new person. There is beauty in nature, the 9 months of development create both mother and child. There is much that can go in to the planning and the embracing of the beautiful journey that is pregnancy and childbirth.

Stephanie’s journey brings the above quote to mind so easily. From our first conversations I felt her calm and loving spirit. Her “birth plan” was simple and her focus very clear. She wanted a calm and gentle birth in water, without intervention.

Our conversations throughout the weeks leading to her birth revealed her ability to surrender to the unknown and to trust what might lie ahead. She faced the fears that came up, as fears inevitably will do in those last few weeks. She educated herself on what she wanted and stayed focused on a positive and easy outcome.

The first I heard from Stephanie the night she went into labor was a phone call at 9pm. Her water broke and contractions had not yet begun so she was going to try to lie down and get some sleep. I too went to bed after making sure I had everything I needed. My doula bag with all its tricks, my comfy hospital clothes and my cooler packed. Sleep came very fast and very hard. I awoke to a text message from Stephanie at 10:30 saying she thought things might be speeding up, maybe I should be prepared. I got up and got dressed and received a call from her husband not long afterward. They were on their way to the hospital things started speeding up pretty fast. I was out the door before we got to good-bye. I arrived at 11:30.

I expected to see Stephanie and her husband when I walked in the room but was surprised to see such a full room. The midwife was already there and Stephanie was laboring very intently in a knee / chest position with her husband close at her side. He looked up at me and announced “We are 10cm!” with the biggest smile you can imagine on his face. I dropped my well prepared bag of tricks and took the task of keeping her hydrated with gentle reminders to keep her sounds low and deep, moving her energy down and out. It was obvious she was “in control” of her contractions. Her body seemed to be moving and swaying to a specific rhythm, one she had well defined. In moments responding to the needs of her body to push her baby out she made a few adjustments to her position and gave her baby all her focus.

Things were moving so fast the tub for the water birth never filled. In all the excitement the hose to the tub slipped out and no one noticed until we were all beginning to stand in water. The nurse rushed back in to sop up the floor with towels but we still had a water birth, well…only up to our feet and toes. Stephanie pushed her little girl out with just a few pushes, her husband and midwife working together as a team slowly guided the baby into daddy’s hands. The looks on his face were delightful! He was being totally immersed into a completely unknown world and in awe of every moment.  With every push his joy was spilling out and infecting all of us in the room. That last easy push and there she was all little 7 lbs of her, a perfect little girl, pink and happy.

The time was 12:37 a.m. – only 3 hours and 37 minutes after that first phone call. Everyone kept looking at each other saying “Wow! That just happened!” I especially love this photo of Stephanie because it says it all… she reported to me that her “pain level” was maybe a 6 and she kept thinking there is going to be more. I believe her healthy body and healthy mental approach to her babys’ birth contributed very much to such a gentle birth. There was a happy and alert baby nursing in no time.

When I came home to look at this little girl’s astrology chart I had to laugh. 4 planets in Aquarius were filling the skies that night! Her chart revealed that she was going to be a no-nonsense young lady and constantly shaping the world to meet her vivid and inventive imagination. Aquarius is the sign of the “water bearer” and very highly energetic! Well…that would describe her birth quite well…down to the two inches of water on the floor!

Aquarius Those born under the sign of Aquarius not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along.